Common Plan Features

When you choose APPOMENT Solution, you are getting a comprehensive, best-in class scheduling and appointment reminder solution that is easy to use, installed on cloud, secure and cost effective. Our customers trust us because our software solutions work and deliver bottom line benefits with a rapid return on investment

Product ID PlanA-SMS
35.31 EUR 30.21 GBP 52.00 CAD
SMS Enabled
3.9 Cents/Message
English Language Only
Product ID PlanB-SMSML
37.84 EUR 32.37 GBP 55.71 CAD
SMS Enabled
4.5 Cents/Message
Product ID PlanC-SVM
46.24 EUR 39.57 GBP 68.10 CAD
SMS/Voice/MMS Enabled
5.5 Cents/Message
58.02 EUR 49.64 GBP 85.43 CAD
SMS Enabled
6.9 Cents/Message
English Language Only
  • 160 Character
  • Un-used credits carry forward
  • Transaction Report
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Unlimited patients self-service
  • Free Updates
  • Cancel anytime - No contract
  • 2-way conversation
  • Unlimited patients

Frequent Asking Questions

We provide businessess with an essential scheduling and marketing tool. You can access it online via your favorite Web browser. When you schedule appointments in Appoment, we make sure that customers receive reminders of their upcoming appointments in ways that you specify for each customer.

No. However, we offer a free access to our demo system. We recommend you to log in and test the system before you plan to buy it. In the meantime if you have any concerns or queries please contact us via our web form.

As soon as your payment is processed you will immediately receive an invoice in your email from us. We required 12-24 hours to setup your account. Once it is done, we send you an email with you login credentials and other information, such as user guide, how to get support and other useful information.

Of course not! Any content (including users) you put on your site remains 100% owned by you. We do not have permission to use that content (or contact your users) for any reason. We are just a tool for you to manage a powerful appointment reminder solution with ease.

As with most software-as-a-service platforms, when you cancel your account all your private data will be inaccessible, but donít worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download all your data so you can take it with you

We know that sometimes things donít work out. Our plans are made simple and there are no contracts or cancellation fees. You can cancel your plan at any time without any penalty or additional charges. Just email our team and weíll make sure your site is canceled.

Appoment is a very secure platform. It encrypts the data of your website to prevent competitors and hackers from extracting data, spamming your members, and on top of that we have a team of top engineers constantly monitoring the platform.

Nope, weíre a hosted, software-as-a-service platform. We do this so that we can constantly push out updates and new features plus weíre for those who donít want techie headaches. And donít worry, your data is 100% secure with us.

We sure doósave 25% when you pay for a year up front. Contact us to get started.

Absolutely not. No contract is required. Our subscriptions are month-to-month or year-to-year. You can cancel at anytime.