Training & Support

Our Support Contracts Are Closely Tailored To The Precise Requirement Of Each Client

We offer a wide range of services across the business and, as a result, we also support these services and products in-house using our own team of developers and engineers. Every client can be different when it comes to support requirements, budgets, and levels of experience and competence, and we are well-placed to offer support to clients at whatever level, in whatever way suits them.

We offer two types of support: ad-hoc and contracted.

While there are various permutations of these models, these are the two basic types.

With ad-hoc support, you simply call us when you need us. There is no need to purchase support up-front, and no minimum charge. All ad-hoc support is reviewed prior to invoicing and all details of support requests can be provided at any time.

Our support contracts are closely tailored to the precise requirement of the client and vary widely in cost and scope. Our contracts are still based around our standard hourly rate and are routinely reviewed to ensure that they remain representative. Incidents are still logged and tracked in our time management systems and reporting capabilities can be provided to offer full transparency and visibility over support provision.

Whatever model you opt for, we are highly focussed on transparency and value in all matters. We do not use call centres or receptionists and, when you call, you will speak with a member of our team employed directly by us, be that a developer or engineer.